The Crucifixion

7:00 PM


Curated by Bryan Lundgren

Rogier van der Weyden: The Crucifixion
Weyden, The Crucifixion, 1445

With The Crucifixion, Weyden views the death of Christ with demons reflecting from the powers of Jesus.  Jesus’s love remains in the kind and humble spirit.  Evil spirits cannot attack the Lord.  But the weeping and caring are drawn closer to Christ. 

God greatest Commandments: “Love your with all your God might.  And love your neighbor, as I loved you.”  Society experiences hatred amongst other religions, ethnic backgrounds, and different social classes.  The world has noticed “radical believers,” media, and ignorant civilians disrespecting  beliefs.  God does not want His followers to disrespect and hate others because of different views.  Jesus stated: “"If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.”  Jesus has love for non-believers, too.  He does not care if you come from different a religion.  The Crucifixion reflects on those who are attracted to Jesus’s commandments and opens arms for all people..

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