Art History Hotties: Oceanus

7:00 AM

Giambologna, Oceanus, 1571

Here I have presented before you the great Oceanus. First can we just note that he is perfection from his perfect curly hair to his muscular feet. He will definitely be my ManCrushMonday next week. First I'll start by saying I am infatuated with his hair and the flawless structure if his face. Then, as we move down his body we notice very pleasant arm and pectoral muscles. And of course I would not trade those marvelous abs for anything. As we continue our journey down we see that Mr. Oceanus respects himself enough to keep his genitalia covered, but we also gratefully learn that he never skips leg day. If you ask me I think that it is quite important that Oceanus maintains a proportional body.

This beautiful sculpture was done by a man that went by the name of Giambologna, but whose real name is Jean Boulogne. Giambologna was a Flemish architect and sculptor honored for his extravagant work with bronze and marble. He was influenced my Michelangelo, but eventually developed his own Mannerist style putting for emphasis on refined surfaces, elegance, and beauty rather than emotion. Most of Giambologna's prolific years were spent in Italy where he was commissioned by the Medici's. The Medici's never allowed Giambologna to leave Florence in fear that the Austrian or Spanish Habsburgs would allure him into permanent employment.

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