Coronation of the Virgin

7:00 AM

Filippo Lippi, Coronation of the Virgin, 1466-69

In Italy during the 15th century, religious paintings were created for three main reasons. They were used to help people that were illiterate so they would be able to understand scripture without having to learn to read. Another reason is so that everyone would have the same image in their head about the readings. And lastly they were made to evoke more emotions than the readings.

Lippi used a lot of deep blue and gold which shows that this was made for someone in the upper class. The gold sun in the background forces the focal point to be on Mary's face. Mary and God are placed in a triangular shape with a rainbow like circle framing them. The angels on the left and right side seem to be the crowd happily watching God give Mary a crown. The hand that is at the top of the painting could have given the crown from heaven to God so it could be given to Mary.

God is placed on a pedestal above Mary which shows His power. Mary is kneeling in front of God while holding her hands in prayer position depicting honor and respect. Mary's head is bowed while God bestows a crow upon her head like he is rewarding her. They seem to be floating in the sky because there are clouds below them and the sun right behind them which could mean that Mary is godlike.
Filippo Lippi created this piece to help people understand the importance of the coronation of Mary.

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