Art History Hotties: A Personification of Geometry

7:00 AM

Dosso Dossi, A Personification of Geometry, Unknown


For hotties round two, I present you with Dosso Dossi’s A Personification of Geometry, which will in fact throw you for a doozy. After studying the Personification for a while I can no longer think of concentric circles and scalene angles without imagining our brooding half-clothed friend. Upon looking at him for the first time, one can’t help but wonder about a future point of intersection. With his beefy arms and chiseled jawline, he can help you find the vertex of any of your mathematical equations. His torso ripples as he explains the difference between hexagons and pentagons. The protractor in hand trembles as he stumbles to equate the degrees around your own supple body. 

His veins go rigid as the conversation shifts to Platonic solids. He has to look away at the mention of linear perspective because he cannot contain his excitement. In his presence one falls into a world of axioms and manifolds, emerging enlightened to the study of curves. With his steady body and mind, he helps one to discover points of unparalleled symmetry. 

Our man of math with his posture invites us in to hear more about how the circumference of a circle relates to the radius and diameter. His cast away glance juxtaposed with his stern hand on his easel demonstrates the veracity for which he feels for the work of Euclid. 

Dosso Dossi captures the Renaissance man of our dreams. He may look a bit more brutish than we might of imagined, but we can’t all love Bernini types. Despite the criticism for Dossi's lack of talent and poor color choices, he manages to convey a mathematical rhythm with his figure that may a require a proof or two to ensure everything is working satisfactory. 

In a world often centered around athletes and actors, it’s refreshing to see a mathematician arousing some well-deserved attention. 

For all you singles out there forget hot-tempered artists, sculptors, adoring poets, and charming playwrights. Chose instead the man of math, he will never let you fall out of his geometric plane. 

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