Art History Hotties: The Triumph of Fame

7:00 AM

Lorenzo Costa, The Triumph of Fame, 1490

Oh emo boys, my love for you is way stronger than it should ever be.  I don't know if its your cable knit sweaters, shaggy layered hair or your undying love for the smiths, but there's something oddly attractive about you.

When you're scoping Renaissance paintings for hotties, The Triumph of Fame is laking. But I managed to find this gem lost in the crowd, so typical of the average-me boy, dressed in the straight black. He's got style and swag, not to mention jaw-lines for days. Oh, but I forgot to mention the best part. This hottie you're looking at? He's an A-list artist too. Since he's shooting the viewer with a piercing look of despair, we can assume its Lorenzo Costa himself. Emo boys dig art, so this would make sense.

Dating back to the 1490s, I am going to go ahead and consider Costa as one of the founding and first documented emo boys, too.

So this is a shoutout to all my guys out there who only sport monotone looks, refuse to get their hair cut when their mom asks them to, and consider long-boarding a career. 

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