Ballet Dance

7:00 AM

Grace Evelyn Brown, Ballet Dancer, 1883

To my talented friend Danielle,

I gift this painting to you to kick start this joyous holiday season. This dancer reminds me so much of you - so poised, pensive, graceful, and so driven when it comes to her craft. I respect your numerous hours spent in the studio, even though it often impedes with social gatherings. The determination you have to make your dream a reality is remarkable and over all inspiring to everyone you encounter.

The vibrant blues almost recklessly smeared onto the background draws our attention to the conflicted ballerina. The ballerina faces the wall surrounded by hues of blue as she contemplates an important decision. She seems to be stuck between the lighter white-blues and then the heavy depressing dark blues. This ballerina masterfully illustrated in variations of the classic “ballerina” pink cast in the shadows portrays what audiences do not see on stage. We see seemingly easy elegant art.

Though I cannot begin to understand the mental and physical toll it takes to develop talent in ballet, I can appreciate it. As we end the calendar year with looming final examinations and your appearance in the Nutcracker, my wish for you is to not succumb to the stress accompanied by being a performer.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and break a leg in your performance.

Missy Rosenthal

Editor's Note: Students were asked to give a painting to someone they cared for. These are their moving responses. 

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