Les Danseuses Roses, Avant Le Ballet

7:00 AM

Edgar Degas, Les Danseuses Roses, Avant Le Ballet, 1884

Mon Cheri,
I know you are not going to appreciate this as much as I do. But I would like for you to have this painting and hear me out because when I was thinking of the millions of paintings that I could have given you, this is the one that I could not stop thinking about. Edgar Degas, a French Impressionist had interests in painting ballet dancers, or just dancers in general, much like the pink dancers in this painting. He painted with vibrant colors and many brushstrokes. Having a painting displayed in a Salon was the highest honor to an artist during this movement.

Although I am not sure if this particular work made it to a Salon, many of Degas' works did. He is and was considered a founder of the Impressionist movement, and by far my most favorite Impressionist painter. You may look up his other works and ask me why I chose this one out of all of his other great paintings. And to tell you the truth, I really do not know why. Is it because it reminds me of you? Maybe. But mostly, I think it's because this is my most favorite painting that I've practically ever found. The pinks, reds, and yellows compliment each other, even though they are not considered complimentary colors. This painting is random, yes and I'm not completely sure why I picked this painting, but I do know this one is the one I want to give to you.

The innocence and youth in this painting is familiar to me. The danseuses, restless for their upcoming performance reminds me of how I feel around you - overly excited and happy. I hope those feelings never fade. I am thankful for you.

Bisous, Natalie <3

P.S. - I challenge you to find your favorite painting.

Editor's Note: Students were asked to give a painting to someone they cared for. These are their moving responses. 

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