The Broken Column

7:00 AM

Frida Kahlo, The Broken Column, 1944

Dear Charnise,

I dedicate this painting to you, my beloved sister. In this letter I shall show how I interpret this painting and how it pertains to you. First, I will begin with the background of this painting. The background is the most tranquil and content part of this painting. It represents a future of hope and optimism for better times. Next, the foreground that leads up to the sky depicts how beautiful life could be with nature and so forth, but the simple fact that it's not, in the moment it is very desolate and somewhat cynical, and that no matter what, it takes lots of persistence and distress with a touch of agony to reach the beautiful sky. Now, we move on to the main subject matter. You, my friend are the head.

Here in this painting the head is the only part of the painting that is not split in half like the rest of the body. You are the head because ironically you a very levelheaded, you keep me from being immoral, and for the most part from spasming out all the time. A head is made up of multiple components such as a brain, eyes, a nose, eyebrows, hair, ears, and others.

I would say you are the eyes, you see the things I don't. The head along with wrapping around the body represent adhesiveness. No matter how much I hate you, inevitably something makes me like you again. The metal we see is broken - I think that represents all the idiots that thought they could come into our lives and help our circumstances without first listening and understanding. It could also represent mom, but I'll leave that up to you to interpret why. The metal is trying to help, but it can't because it too is broken, though it does still serve a purpose. The nude subject is opposite of me and you though, so far we've just kept things inside. Maybe Frida is trying to tell us to open up and rid ourselves of the burdens. Oh well who knows. The nails throughout the body represent not only the things we go through separately, but also together. Our struggles within life including our arguments. 

Charnai Anderson

P.S. Peace out homie  - you da real MVP

Editor's Note: Students were asked to give a painting to someone they cared for. These are their moving responses. 

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