Agony in the Garden

7:00 AM

Giovanni Bellini, Agony in the Garden, 1459-1465

Giovanni Bellini grew up along side his fair share of competition. His father, brother and brother-in-law were all accomplish artists. Although each pushed the other to achieve their highest potential, the competition was always friendly. One factor set Giovanni apart from his relatives, which has made an exceptional impact on his legacy as well. Giovanni was constantly finding new ways to experiment with the medium and to evolve his techniques under the instruction of many influential artists, such as his brother in law Mantegna. Perhaps Giovanni just had ADHD, since he was known to be quite the procrastinator, but regardless his consistent desire to evolve as an artist never disappeared. 

Far ahead of Salvador Dahli, Agony in the Garden greatly resembles his iconic style. It's done in a much more surrealist style than the typically traditional paintings of Giovanni. Giovanni's ability to alter his style with the same level of skill is unique. Giovanni provided inspirations for decades to come, paving the way for the many changes art would endure in the coming years. 

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