Pastoral Concert

7:00 AM

Giorgine, Pastoral Concert, 1510

In this piece Giorgione makes the viewer feel as though they are sitting on top of the hill listening to the fluid music of the lute being played by the man in red. Pastoral Concert seems to be more of a story than a single moment in time. The well-groomed man on the left is nicely dressed in the color red and seems to be playing the lute for the man on the right. 

He is wearing a dull brown jacket with crazy hair and bare foot. The relationship seems to be of lovers rather than two colleagues. The intimacy and connection between them is outstanding. The two naked women in front of them are not actually there but created in the men’s imagination. The women are acting out song that is being played by the man on the right. This piece is outstanding and evokes a lot of emotion.  

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