7:00 AM

Bruegel, The Dark Day, 1505

I must say that this has to be the first Renaissance painting I have studied that shows an artist's ability to consistently persist with heavy dark tones throughout the entirety of their piece. The lighter parts of this painting hardly stand out partially because they are engulfed in such darkness, and also because they merely minor details rather than larger subjects. The clouds and the people chopping fire wood warn us that there will soon be a storm impending. 

The murky uneasy waters inform us that sail if you must, but you are very susceptible to crashing. I also really like how Bruegel exhibits perspective in this painting. The things that are closer to us are more defined and clear whereas the closer we get towards the mountains the houses within the village becomes a blur. The overall dark tones in this painting paired with hints a lighter colors give a moods of gloom along with a future. This painting gives the impression that yes something unpleasant is going to happen soon, but it is something that you shall overcome and surpass.

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