Last supper

7:00 AM

Last Supper, Tintoretto, 1592–94

The roughness of the brush strokes and his dark color choices always gives me the chill whenever I look at his work. Tintoretto was his name and he was one of many painters that have influenced the world of art by sharing new ideas and techniques. Tintoretto has always been competitive and eager to become the best artist out of everyone.

Last Supper, which was the painting that was completed a few years before his death, became incredibly well known out of his other Last Supper series. With complex but flowing compositions and dim color choices, it feels as if each individuals are constantly moving.

Tintoretto experimented compositions and focused on individualization. People in his painting were dramatic and full of emotions just as if it was happening at the moment, just like Last Supper which feels crowded but at the same time pleasing to the eye. However, as time passed by Tintoretto's style takes a huge turn, mainly in color choices. His paintings began bright and silky but as he's eyesight slowly faded away, the colors became dark and dull. Although his colors have dimmed, the expressions and its intriguing composition never failed to impress people.  

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