Garden of Earthly Delights

7:00 AM

Bosch, Garden of Earthly Delights (open), 1504

Bosch is most famous for his sinister and twisted works. His creativity amazes me, and I am in awe by the many intricate details. Many historians think that inside of Bosch’s paintings there are puns and little jokes referencing wife tales and religious stories. Bosch’s painting style in the 15th century was quite different than other painters in his time. He painted with heavier layers of oil paint and had more texture than the normal Flemish style which was smooth and soft.

He painted this painting during his middle and last period. In this piece Bosch has painted three panels. In the first panel it seems as though they are in the Garden of Eden and God is giving Adam Eve. The landscape is more like Dr. Seuss, with the vibrant flowing mountains that almost looks like the ocean. There are many animals and vegetation available, it seems fruitful. In the middle panel all of the people are naked and inside giant food. Their faces are emotionless and flat, but every person seems to have a purpose. The last panel is dark and hell like. The people are still naked but there are different giant items, they are less organic and more material items. There seems to be more emotion in the people's faces less flat but not completely human.

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