Haut Boys: Boy with a Greyhound

7:00 AM

The Haut Boys
The Audition for the Newest Art History Boy Band – The Haut Boys
Curated by Susie Xu

Veronese, Boy with a Greyhound, 1570 

Admittedly not the most attractive at first glance, fangirls and fanboys may wonder why we scouted him into the Haut Boy band. But do not doubt the keen eyes of the scouts. Check out his well-defined side profile and his cherry red lips. This is untouched by our makeup artists. Not to mention, just take a closer peek at his self perm–well done for a self-attempt. And though we must admit, his pants and leggings are slightly offsetting and his shoes are just too dull, he is needed within the band.

We kind of need him for his aesthetic visual, but mostly we require his family’s donations. After all, he is from Colleoni family of Bergamo. The handsome chap has a family chapel to call his own, so we’re in desperate need of his family investments, considering we have none.

Though there’s no immediately outstanding section of the the painting, and the green attire is almost too green to be aesthetically pleasing, the aura of the boy and his lean greyhound give viewers a sense of powerlessness, perhaps just from his gaze.

His flaming charisma shall be an intense addition to the Haut Boys. Congrats, Greyhound Boy. You’ve passed the auditions.

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