Haut Boys: Luncheon of the Boating Party

7:00 AM

The Haut Boys

The Audition for the Newest Art History Boy Band – The Haut Boys
Curated by Susie Xu

Renoir, Luncheon of the Boating Party, 1881

Clearly a much different style of clothing and portrayal of characters, Luncheon with the Boating Party brings about a vastly different style of art. The New Impressionist Movement brings a mixture of realism with a hint of artistic qualities.

Instead of focusing on one man, we’re instead looking at the three prominent men at the foreground of the painting. All three men are well proportioned and well built – sun’s out, guns out! The bushy beard on the left is an asset to be applauded for. Maintaining the hair is a difficult task, as I hear. We also have the debonair man on the right, leaning in to talk to the woman in blue. Clearly he’s a suave man, able to handle the ladies – or lady in this case. That’s a bonus. The ginger man on the bottom right however, seems a little lacking. He can’t even properly sit in his chair correctly, not to mention that he’s staring in an unamused manner towards something.

Renoir does a fantastic job painting layers in his art, giving each masterpiece a sense of reality and space. This one in particular, the people and the food perfectly set on the table continuously layer further and further, the background full of people, but without the messy and chaotic feel. 

Overall, though each man has his positives, they’re just slightly too mediocre. Nothing about them particularly stand out, though the painting itself, as a whole does. So with heavy hearts, we vote to reject all candidates in this painting.

So in all, if one must take something out of this influx of "Haut Boys," it's that we appreciate fine art and fine boys. 

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