Liars and Loopholes: The Fall

7:00 AM

Liars and Loopholes
Subterfuge in Art
Curated by Tessia Phillips

Hugo van der Goes, The Fall, 1479

Van Der Goes’ loopholes are the least subtle, and least brilliant, but… the most hilarious. Nude art typically finds ways to cover the parts deemed unsuitable for common eyes. Sometimes the nude turns away, sometimes they have drapery coverage, and sometimes they just have conveniently long hair. But this is a beautiful coverage. A flower. An incredibly conveniently-placed flower. I could criticize the hilariously perfect bending plant forever, but Adam’s hand warrants even more mockery.

It’s literally not doing anything. Except existing to cover him. There is zero subtlety, his hand isn’t doing anything or serving any purpose, it’s just there. Clever, Hugo. Little do we know what's behind his delicately placed hand. An actual aspect of cleverness is Eve’s swollen belly. Before a bite of the apple has even been taken, she is already pregnant with mankind (ow) and the sins of humanity.

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