A Rainstorm at Sea

7:00 AM

Joseph Mallord William Turner, A Rainstorm at Sea, 1822

To my sleep-deprived sister, Annie,

I gift you Turner’s A Rainstorm at Sea to liven up your deteriorating Naismith dorm room wall. This painting can hang right above your mini refrigerator and right below your way-too-sparkly “Kappa Alpha Theta” sign. Or maybe, this can lie above your desk, so it is the last thing you see every night before you reside to sleep at 3 a.m. in typical college fashion. I gift you this painting to give you that last spark of motivation during your college years filled with projects, papers and tests. When that Chai Tea Latte just isn’t doing the trick, and you have yet to figure out how the heck you find the acidity to titration all the while attempting to finish the paper due tomorrow, simply look into this Turner painting and I hope you feel at peace. This is for those moments when you feel as if you’re drowning in that dark, empty water where Turner showed no mercy to color and painted with stark black. You must simply take a deep breath and appreciate the pinks and the blues and the yellows.

Don’t let yourself fall into the unbounded cycle of procrastination due to self-pity and stress, and instead, rise above. The rain may seem endless, and you may feel as though surely you will never pass your finals and graduate, but I can assure you, every storm passes. So too, will your stress. Soon enough, you will be on break, sleeping more than 3 hours a night, and relying on anything other than just Costco-brand Keurig cups, and you will be okay. Don’t fret, and dive into Turner.

Let him takes you places your math homework can’t. Let him guide you through your hours and hours of work and help you make it out the other side with yes, coffee-stained clothing, tangled hair and bags under your eyes, but alive, nonetheless. Annie, I gift you this painting to help you push through the rainstorms that you have definitely experienced and will inevitably face more of during your time at KU. Let Turner’s colors overtake you, and his emotions move you.

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