The Festival of the Opening of the Vintage, Macon

7:00 AM

J.M.W. Turner, The Festival of the Opening of the Vintage, Macon, 1802

To my endearing friends who have always welcomed and encouraged my growth; I dedicate this to you.

The Festival of the Opening of the Vintage, Macon is one of William Turner’s lesser known works depicting a seemingly plentiful grape harvest of 1802, which he visited and observed during his trip to France in 1801. In this painting, a group of farmers are seen celebrating heavily following a successful harvest they all took part in tending to. Turner’s composition draws the viewer’s attention to the river and the ambient glory of the surroundings, serving to justify the time and energy given by the farmers to the raising of the harvest. To me it represents the payoff of supporting and nurturing someone else.

The past few months have been challenging to say the least but no matter how many times reality has knocked me down, I have been able to rely on my close friends for support and encouragement to keep getting back up. At times when it feels like my effort is all for nothing and the ‘fruits’ of my labor have been spoiled, they have helped me see through to the plentiful harvest that waits if I keep persevering. Through the good and the bad of my development, their warmth has remained unchanged. For that I cannot thank them enough.

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