Sunrise by the Ocean

7:00 AM

Vladimir Kush, Sunrise by the Ocean, 2011

I dedicate this work to the one person who loves eggs more than I do, my sister, Shweta, I hope that you are having an egg-celent day. To a former Art History student to a current art History student, I give you a truly eggs-plosive painting. We have our personal troubles, but I think we can egg-nore that even if it is just for a little while. You must be confused by this blog post and its ok, I would too. Just whisk and move on. The yolk will dry up with enough heat.

I think you should find it just as enjoyable as me that the first thing I saw in this painting was you. We truly are two chickens from the same roost, one is just higher up in the sky than the other. You can decide who is who to avoid conflict. I would say that we are just two yolks of the same albumen, but if we were locked within the walls of a membrane, one of us would break out sooner than the other one just to avoid the scrambling that would occur.

You are three years and eleven months older than me, and thus, you are three years and eleven months wiser.than me. I think there are so many times where I actually have the better perspective of a situation than you, but omelettin' this slide. There are some days where you egg-nore me, and some days where you won't leave me alone, but at the end of the day, you are the closest thing to me in this world at the cellular level. I think we hatch ourselves a lot of good ideas and, to end this on the sunny side up.

To you, I give this Vladimir Kush painting. Merry Christmas Shweta, much love and happiness to you and congratulations on your acceptance into medical school. I don't say it very often, but I am glad I have you around. You are a wise chicken over my small, chick, shoulders.

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