Mountain in a Fog

7:00 AM

 Casper David Fredrich, Mountain in a Fog, 1808

Dearest Brother Grant,

While few days have past since your departure from our mutual origin, I feel a void forming between us. Please allow me this season of giving to give unto you Mountain in a Fog. I beseech you not to view this as braggart's reminder of his achievements but as encouragement. Unfortunately in discussing as to why I selected this painting, I will have to laud my own experiences. As you are well aware, dear brother, I have climbed my share of mountains; I have yet to tell of the experience of doing so. Please allow me ,while I have you captive to my writing, a moment to explain why I chose this painting and of the ascent of Mt. Shavano.

Heavy fog had descended on the mountain obscuring all that was not within a number of feet. The fog stretched for several hundred feet above us, obscuring all but the culmination of the mountain. It was here that we all lost faith, none of us had an idea of what the path ahead contained. Yet we labored on and with each step more and more of the mountain revealed itself unto us. After some struggle we found our way to the summit. There we gazed upon the path below us, and only then did we understand the path we had taken. We now knew why the trail bent and curved where it did. I tell you this so you may apply it to your own journey. While the path to your ultimate goal may be shrouded with self-doubt and obscurity, climb on. Climb on so that you too may now understand the path you have trod. It is ours to do and no substitute may be taken in our place. Do or die.

Best Wishes.

Your Dear Brother,

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