Dead Man Walking and the Etched Cherubs

7:00 AM


Dead Man Walking and the Etched Cherubs
Chimney Smoke

Dead Man Walking and the Etched Cherubs were your average garage-band, literally.. for they played in the garage of the lead singer’s house until they were discovered by Mr. Rembrandt at the Renaissance Man Talent Agency. The group comprised of three young men at the ripe age of 24 who have been playing music together after meeting in Sunday school at the neighborhood church. When Mr. Rembrandt suggested changing the band name to something else, the band refused to abandon the name that reminded them of their founding. Chimney Smoke was their debut album, containing songs named after the five books of Moses: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The album name was inspired by the house on their street that burned down while they were practicing in the garage. Lead singer, Josiah Marks, said, “We think G-d was speaking to us, like he did with the burning bush to Moses. That was the night I knew selling my car to purchase an authentic lute from biblical times was going to be worth it.” Dead Man Walking and the Etched Cherubs have gained popularity among church youth groups and will be touring on college campuses starting next fall.

Editor's Note: Students happened upon a cache of hidden records with cover art from the Baroque masters. They were charged to investigate the vinyls. The above are their findings. 

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