The Schizophrenic Van Dycks

7:00 AM



The "Schizophrenic Van Dycks" made their debut in 1690 with this album. Their works follow a Flemish folk style, mainly consisting of instrumental tunes, and popularly featuring harpsichords, lutes, viols, and cellos. Like their namesake, Anthony Van Dyck's, transformation of classic stiff British painting into fluid artworks, the "Schizophrenic Van Dycks" wanted to abandon stuffy ornamental baroque music.

 They invented a genre that allowed people to think about their different selves. Their music promotes a withdrawal from reality into a state of delusion. The cover choice reflects this theme of self reflection and confusion. After discovering this album within Rubens and Rubenesque I have done a fair amount of listening and thinking. I felt particularly connected to their song "Sir stole my goatee," as I believe society lacks creativity in the realm of new styles, and many times people seem to evolve into copies of each other. I wonder whether the cover intends to tell people to look at the different people they are in various mindsets, or if the Van Dyke's also noticed a sameness in Baroque culture. 

Editor's Note: Students happened upon a cache of hidden records with cover art from the Baroque masters. They were charged to investigate the vinyls. The above are their findings. 

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