Lovestruck and Livestock, Thisbe

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Lovestruck and Livestock
Thisbe (Deluxe Edition)

In the front cover of this album lay several scattered sheets of notebook paper covered with sloppy handwriting. These words transcribed an interview with Bean Handerson, the lead band member of Lovestruck and Livestock.

"Bean, what caused you to temporarily leave Deathro Dull to for Lovestruck and Livestock?"

"Well chap, I felt like letting go, you know? I feel like as a society we a too clingy and feel like we have an umbilical cord connecting us with these false desires and 'needs' as if we're grown babies swimming in this pool of helplessness, to put it frankly."

"You are a renown self-taught oboe player and you used to make masterful solos back with Dethro Dull; I don't remember hearing any of that in Thisbe.

"Actually, it is still there, but we decided to record them from across the pasture in France where the recording studio."

"So that explains this thirty seconds of seemingly silent audio in 'Automotive Gasp'..."

"Exacto-runey, I wanted to fabricate this sense of confusion and intrigue in the piece."

"And why did you chose Rembrandt's Slaughtered Ox as the album cover?"

"Well, you know... *unintelligible*.... and I think it really speaks to our music, you know? And the woman in the background is like this mystifying being who is casting a spell of the viewer and... *unintelligible*... you know? *unintelligible*... so that's why we decided on the name Thisbe."

Editor's Note: Students happened upon a cache of hidden records with cover art from the Baroque masters. They were charged to investigate the vinyls. The above are their findings. 

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