7:00 AM


Rube the Dude 


1. Who needs relationships when you have cereal (3:28)

2. Single only plannin' to mingle (2:30)

3. Netflix and kill (feat. The RemBRATS) (3:03)

4. WhyD she slash my tires (1:27)

5. I WANT MY HOODIEZ BACK (feat. Snoop Dogg) (4:22)

6. New PHoNE WHo DIS (3:12)

7. make up YOUR D*M* mind where to eat (1:13:45)

8. shes still worth it (0:04)

Bonus Track: nvm track 8 iz wrong she CRAZŸ (12:42)

Rating: ✭✭✭✭✩

BOOM. Notorious rapper and R&B vocalist Rube the Dude, originally named Ver Meersux, revives his otherwise lackluster career with his latest album THESE WOMEN B CRAAAZy. The concise yet absurdly long album, credited to Track 7, narrates the extremely unstable relationship of Rube the Dude. The masterful storytelling, skilled lyricism, and poetic flow rivals some the likes of today's leading artists such as Jermaine Cole and Drake. In an TMZ interview, Rube states his girlfriend, Carrie Vaggio, does not mind the album. Since his breakthrough success, the young artist has entered the world of art collecting. His fascination with art might explain his choice to use a classic painting as his album cover. Judith with the Head of Holofernes by Peter Paul Rubens encapsulates the essence of the album, according to Rube, who chose his stage name based of his favorite painter Rubens. The rising star believes the story of attraction and betrayal between Judith and Holofernes highlights some of his tracks, such as Tracks 1 and 4. Highly recommend this album for those who desire a mix between storytelling rap and soul piercing vocals. Not to mention two fantastic features who help spice up this already blazin' hot track list. Now plug in those headphones and hope your brain doesn't melt of Rube the Dude's sheer musical genius.

This review was written and sponsored by Rube the Dude.

Editor's Note: Students happened upon a cache of hidden records with cover art from the Baroque masters. They were charged to investigate the vinyls. The above are their findings. 

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