Lump in the Wrong Place

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Lump in the Wrong Place
Caption This

As I am not a paid musician, band member, or music critic, I apologize in advance for what you are about to read. Please bear with me, I'll try my best to give my favorite band justice. 

Raphaël Gauthier was born into an impoverished family living in the south of France in a small town called Seillans. He had thirteen brothers and sisters, all of whom never respected his musical talents. At the young age of five, Raphaël began taking voice "lessons" from an old man who lived in the village. Although these "lessons" got him far, they did not quench his thirst to learn more about music. By the age of nine, Raphaël gained a following in the small town by being a street performer. He could bring home up to ten francs a day by performing in the streets, giving half to his family and keeping the rest, saving up for a trip to Paris for an audition. 

On the opposite side of the country, a girl by the name of Margot Évelyne lived in the town of St. Malo, who too had a hunger to learn music. However, her family supported her in every possible way, mostly because they had the means to. She was a prodigy, learning first how to play string instruments and then onto wind instruments. By the age of thirteen, Margot knew how to read music and play seven different instruments. Little did she know, she would meet someone who was just like her in Paris at the same audition. 

At the audition in Paris, when Raphäel and Margot were around the age of eighteen, they traveled to Paris to show off their talents. Here is where they met, and their lives forever changed. Deciding to combine their talents, they decided to make a "band" of themselves. Since Margot knew how to play multiple instruments and Raphaël had a gorgeous voice, they were quite successful when they first started. However, they did not know what to call themselves until one day Raphäel found a lump that was suspicious. He and Margot went to a doctor, and the doctor told them that there was a "lump in the wrong place," sparking a thought in Margot's head to name their band "Lump in the Wrong Place." And it actually stuck.

Here is their latest album, Caption This, featuring hits such as "Thorny Psycho," "Supernatural Soldier," and my personal favorite, "And God Said Let There be Hospitality." 

Editor's Note: Students happened upon a cache of hidden records with cover art from the Baroque masters. They were charged to investigate the vinyls. The above are their findings. 

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