Ceramics: Horus Falcon Vessel

7:00 AM

Unknown, Horus Falcon Vessel

Horus is a god of the sky, war, and hunting. It the first god to be worshiped by all of Egypt. Egyptians made pottery before they started building the pyramids. We know that because the drawings on the stones of the pyramids had large vessels and pots. There were two types of clay that was from the Nile river red/brown clay, and marl clay. 

This Horus FalconVessel was made for a functional purpose rather than decorative. It was most commonly used as a vase. It was made and a range of different sizes from three inches to three feet. The end of the vase comes to a point so it can be stuck into the ground for storage. It mostly stored water, oil, wine, and grain. Later on the Horus Falcon Vessels were painted with beautiful golds, blues, and reds.

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