Ceramics: Summer Sun/ Inlaid Nesting Bowls

7:00 AM

Andrew Molleur, Summer Sun/ Inlaid Nesting Bowls


Andrew Molleur is a ceramicist and designer that was born in rural Connecticut but now lives and works in Kingston, New York. He was immediately drawn towards ceramics. Andrew uses multiple techniques that range from traditional to modern. Most of his works are functional pieces with geometric shapes. He went to Rhode Island School of Design and studied architecture, industrial design, and ceramics.
Andrew designs and creates all of his molds to produce all of his forms and uses a technique called slip casting. In this nesting bowl set the geometric designs are not painted on but rather individual hand laid pieces of colored porcelain. And the textures on these bowls are from the constant use of each mold. Andrew likes to use very minimalistic colors in all his pieces. Mostly using a grey scale with a pop of color.

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