Ceramics: Unika Classic Vase in Blue Glaze

7:00 AM

Tortus Copenhagen, Unika Classic Vase in Blue Glaze 


Eric Landon, also known as Tortus Copenhagen, is a professional potter and designer. He is the Co-Founder of Tortus Copenhagen located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Erics love for pottery started when he was just 16. He graduated from the Danish school of Design in Copenhagen, and has received numerous awards for his ceramics. Tortus works with a grog-free stoneware and every piece that he sells is handmade in his studio in Denmark. 

Eric likes to focus more on fluid vases with a simple glazing technique. His glazing is mosting made up of the primary colors. This vase is called Unika Classic Vase in Blue Glaze. The body and form is very minimalistic. The blue glazes helps to bring out the overall beauty in this piece by not overpowering the feminine form.

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