Color Theories: Matisse

7:00 AM

 Henri Matisse, The Red Studio, 1911
Color Theories

Henri Matisse, successfully covered three movements: Fauvism, Modernism and Post-Impressionism, and helped define the world of visual arts during 20th century. During his childhood, Matisse became interested in painting to the disappointment of his father, while his mother supported his career in art. His dedication towards art grew strongly, as he describes it being "A kind of paradise" and could be an escape from chaos events in his life.

The color red is passionate, powerful,vibrant and eye-catching. Matisse loves using vibrant colors like red because it shows dominance. His strive for success and desire to move forward in the world full of competition can be seen through the color. Matisse is courageous in terms of using red because he was able compliment red with other colors but also created it as a focal point instead of making it into distraction. In The Red Studio, the color red accomplished the resist of illusion of a visually cramped studio. Although the symmetric walls give satisfaction, Matisse throws off the boring and consistent flow by adding crooked chairs and table. His use of red is energetic but also calming, the style that he has developed over the years with the use of red, have attracted millions of individuals to fall in love with this painting.

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