Color Theories: Gustav Klimt

7:00 AM

Gustav Klimt, The Park, 1909-10 
Color Theories

Gustav Klimt, an Austrian Symbolist painter became successful for his gentile female portraits and using materials such as gold leaf. His delicate touches within the paintings give calming effects to those who see it. From his childhood Klimt was gifted with artistic talents that enabled him to grow as a fine artist despite living in poverty. With his dedication to use his skills efficiently, Klimt observed other artist's techniques and tricks to create his very own style. His observation and practice has provided him with success after success in the world of art. 

Green, the color of nature - symbolizing growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility -  becomes a part of Klimt's art career. Green shows few characteristics in Klimt, such as stability and endurance of competitors, and the ability to move forward with out hesitation or flinching. His development of his own style quickly grows like the trees in this painting, The Park. This painting consists of different cool tones of analogous colors (Yellow, Green, Blue) where green and blue provides the focal points and yellow used as a touch of highlights to show warmth. The painting is symmetrically pleasing and the collaboration of colors come together and create satisfaction when looking at it.

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