Color Theories: Mark Rothko

7:00 AM

Mark Rothko, Black on Grey, 1970

Color Theories

Black on Grey portrays the life of the world renowned abstract expressionist Mark Rothko. He became well known for the ability to swiftly create modern pieces that expresses the way he sees the world. From multiple unbearable depressions and unstable pressure that Rothko's art career becomes a long ride of a roller coaster. In his earlier time of his career in art was moving steady and different transitions can be seen through the colors that he use.

The painting consists two colors of black and grey, but the grey is layered with fine layers of different tones. It can also be noticed that there are no concept of space which creates a feeling of isolation and loneliness. The color black itself can be seen through the personality of Rothko. The color feels secretive, serious yet it holds power and control, but releases sadness and these colors portray how Rothko felt over the years of his life and his career. It can be sensed from the painting that Rothko could have needed to break away from the pure pressure and frustration that he had built up. Self-denial and not being able to enjoy the little things even though he wishes to. However, it takes strong mind to create pieces that show one's true void of emotion because it's difficult to find out how one truly feels about themselves. Being able to express his sorrowful lives by choosing and laying out desired colors without being scared of those who critic is truly incredible.

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